Ever see a purple cow at

Contemporary Staffing?

Seth Godin sent out a challenge to the world in his New York Times bestseller, Purple Cow: Transform Your Company By Being Remarkable. For Godin, purple cows, those never-seen mythical creatures of Gelett Burgess’ children’s poem, represent extraordinary and completely unexpected levels of product and service.

At CSS, it was easy to accept the challenge. We’ve been thrilling our clients and customers since 1994. So, we made it official. Each month we honor one of our associates with the Purple Cow Award. It’s our way of reminding ourselves why we do what we do every day.

We’re here to amaze you with remarkable customer experiences. Experiences that give you peace of mind you never imagined possible from a staffing agency. Brace yourself.

Purple Cow Service delivered fresh daily.

Our fans just rave.

4.9/5 stars-based on 10 reviews

5/5 stars

“I wanted to … let you know how very pleased I am … I just completed two placements with your associate, Marie, who is fantastic to work with to say the least…During our initial meeting she listened intently as I talked about my company, our goals and challenges. Based upon that understanding, she found me a number of very qualified individuals to help my organization grow. I was really shocked at the caliber of the candidates due to the fact that I had been conducting my own search for quite some time before engaging with Marie, with very limited success. Once Marie was on the case, I had multiple A-list candidates to choose from within days. It was amazing. Throughout the process, Marie has been in constant communication, making sure that I am happy, as well as making sure my new hires are happy with their new home. Her customer service has been outstanding!!!”

HR Manager
IT Solutions Company

5/5 stars

“We are rooting for you…by far the easiest and friendliest bunch to work with.”

Commodity Trading Company

Great words for Tiffany.

5/5 stars

“When I had all of the other agencies here…[I was asked] why don’t I just keep one of them. I thought about it…and honestly told them it’s because of my communications and relationship with you that makes me remain with Contemporary. I could have easily transitioned…but I like that you are genuine. Thanks…don’t change! I believe there are many other clients that remain…just because of you!”

HR Manager
Healthcare Group

5/5 stars

“Just wanted to drop a note [about]…the FANTASTIC job Amy did for me last week! She came through big…getting temps for us in short time to do a presentation in San Francisco. I needed 15-20 diverse people with very WOW! and crazy personalities to do a presentation and she only had about one week to find them. The group of folks that she got were great and WOW!ed me, just like Amy’s service the whole time I was dealing with her.”

Department Manager/AVP
Local Bank

Kudos for Katie and one of our outstanding project teams!

5/5 stars

“I have never been so impressed [as] with the work ethic this crew has shown. They knew we needed this job done and never stopped until our product was completed and ready for shipment. I would definitely recommend all four to potential employers.”

Operations Manager

4/5 stars

“Kara is great to work with as she knows exactly what I am looking for and makes my job a whole lot easier. I recommend her and your company to everyone I come in contact with that needs a temporary staffing agency. Your level of staffing is high and that is what I look for in my temporary employees along with the company staff. You have my loyalty and I thank all of you for your time and services.”

Senior Account Manager
Billboard Company

5/5 stars

“Andrea has been an excellent representative of your company. I have been in HR for over 25 years and Andrea has been a top performer among all the agencies I have worked with over the years. She is very attentive, her follow-up is excellent and she always displays a positive attitude. She is an ideal employee and has kept me with Contemporary Staffing as our number one choice of agencies.”

HR Manager
Collections Company

Our candidates are raving fans too!

5/5 stars

Regarding Eric Birklbach’s commitment to deliver the news—whatever the news.

“…thank you for your call yesterday. I know it takes a lot to call and tell someone less than good news, especially when it comes to employment and careers. What you did though, was show how much character and integrity you truly possess.

Because of your honesty and integrity, I sent your contact information to a career counselor at my command and asked he let others know that you are out there and that you will be honest and realistic with those who contact you for employment, exactly what we are looking for when we return home, and many men are returning home after this enlistment. Also, I have a couple of friends…I have asked…to get your contact information to their respective Human Resources as someone who can find and place viable candidates.

Once again, thank you for your honesty and integrity.”

William L.

5/5 stars

“I just wanted to express my kudos regarding Claire’s quick response to my payroll inquiry today. Within less than 45 minutes she had responded to my request for information concerning my paycheck! Having at one point in my life managed a payroll department myself, I find that kind of responsiveness to be Exceptional Customer Service!”

Paul D.

5/5 stars

“Erika Jackson has been awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better recruiter…After speaking with Erika, explaining exactly what type of job…I was looking for she responded, ‘I have the perfect job for you,’ and she was right…Erika has always been professional, personable, knowledgeable, and courteous and always right there to assist with any questions that I may have. [She] goes above and beyond the call of duty. I received a thank you note for allowing her to be my recruiter and while on business [she] stopped to say hi and see if I had any concerns with the job. These little gestures mean a lot to me. Erika is a great asset to Contemporary.”

Patricia B.