Ready for a New Job in Sales? 5 Lucrative Roles

Despite stagnant wages in other fields, sales remains one of the most lucrative career paths in the US economy today. One of the biggest attractions of sales: you get out what you put in. The harder you work, the more you can earn and there is a clearly defined path for growth if you want to move up the ranks. If you are an experienced sales executive, a new sales business developer, or someone thinking about making a career change into being a sales professional, then consider these five lucrative roles.

“Look in the mirror – what excites you? Technology? Long term relationships? Serving others with a great product? Find your passion and translate that excitement into a sales career for long term happiness. High energy, strong follow up and a real humbleness to help solve your buyer’s problem will bring long term success. Search out a mentor and make sure your manager can get you to the next level!” says Sharon Tsao, CAO & EVP Sales Marketing, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Software Sales

Every business in every industry needs specialized software to help them work efficiently and effectively. Software sales is a booming business, and sales professionals have their choice of working for a large enterprise or smaller niche companies. Depending on the size of the organization and the size of its target client, Account Executives may be responsible for setting up extensive product demos either onsite or offsite, and may also be responsible for overseeing implementation, training and post-implementation support. Sales pros interested in software sales will need to brush up on their technical knowledge in order to speak to the specifications as well as the benefits of their products.

Sales Engineer

Sales professionals who are technically inclined may also enjoy working as sales engineers. This role requires the sale of complex technological products or scientific equipment to businesses. The presentations involved in a sales engineer’s job can be highly complex, and sales engineers often remain the client’s main point of contact after the deal is closed, overseeing the delivery, installation, implementation, training and support of the products in the field. As such, sales engineers often make a higher base salary than sales professionals in other fields, in addition to their commission.

Relationship Sales

Typically, relationship sales jobs are found in the B2B space. In the consumer sales market, representatives sell a product and move on to the next. However, in B2B sales, relationships must be nurtured and they must be grown over time. Sales professionals that enjoy the “hunt” but who also enjoy growing accounts over time are well-suited for relationship sales. In this role, you’ll act as a strategic advisor to clients, keeping them educated on the ways they can get the most from your services over time. You’ll get to know your clients’ businesses quite well, so that you can help them leverage your products as their company grows and changes over time.  Typically there is no cap on commission which makes this incredibly lucrative!

Product Sales

Product sales is a wide field that covers both consumer and B2B markets. These professionals are responsible for helping potential customers identify products that meet a need or solve a problem and then move those customers through the buying process. Product sales professionals may sell directly to the end user, or they may sell to retailers, wholesalers and distributors, teaching their buyers how to best sell your products to their own customers. Product sales typically requires travel. For example, sales representatives may travel around to big box retailers, demonstrating their products for national buyers or they may work locally with regional buyers.


Telemarketing is a the very viable career path, especially for people who are interested in pursuing a career in sales but lack the experience. Long term careers in telemarketing are in high demand, but if you want to use this as your entrance and prove that you can master the phone then you will have an edge over the other sales professionals.  Telemarketing requires business developers to make outbound calls to cold, warm or hot leads, and persuading those leads to purchase products or services. Many sales pros get their start in telemarketing, as it teaches time management, resilience, persistence, and the thrill of closing a deal.   If you can succeed in telemarketing, you can succeed in virtually any aspect of sales.

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