Technical Services Tools

A Contingent Workforce Strategy as an Effective Part of Workforce Planning
In a constantly changing world, successful organizations must become more flexible. Just as the human body can react and “shift resources” when an infection strikes, successful organizations must also develop contingency plans that allow them to shift their resources rapidly.

Contract Staffing FAQs
Contract staffing offers an excellent way to meet critical project goals, control costs, increase productivity, and manage risk. While the decision to use contingent staff should never be made lightly, the benefits can be substantial. By partnering with a professional technical staffing firm, you give yourself an easier and faster way to locate technical talent. And you give your business a competitive edge in the market!

Short Circuiting? 8 stress management tips for the busy IT professional
Long hours. Tight deadlines. Budgetary constraints. As an IT professional,working under stress is part of the job. But the pressure is greater than ever in today’s difficult economy. From the help desk to the CIO’s office,technology workers at all levels are being forced to do more with less.

Managing Project Profitability
Left unmanaged, scope creep can turn a promising project into a money loser. Knowing what you’re up against can help you defend against it.

The Manager’s Toolkit For Retaining IT Professionals
The retention of IT employees is one of the most difficult issues facing firms. Managers that are already stressed over system implementation and operations issues seldom seem to find the time to “work on” retention issues. After studying and advising numerous firms on this issue of retention, the author found that there were similar problems and solutions that worked regardless of the industry.

Performance Reviews: A Guide for Managers
Annual performance reviews can be stressful for both employees and managers. Here are some simple but effective tactics to help minimize your employees’ anxiety and ensure reviews are both fair and effective.

Mastering Time Management Can Double Or Triple Your Productivity
The true secret to becoming the best sales and marketing organization is repetition of basic core skills. Skill is not created by constantly switching to
new things. Skill is created by focusing on a small number of things and doing them repeatedly.

Training on a Shoestring: Ideas for Enriching IT Staff without Breaking the Bank
That is not the question when it comes to IT. To remain competitive, ongoing education for your tech workers is absolutely essential. Learn how to keep your tech team up-to-date, without breaking your budget.

Six Ways to Solve The People Thing…So You Can Focus On Your Real Work
Are you a manager who has people report to you? Do these people (presumably) help you get your work done. Good leadership involves caring for people, and caring for people creates a climate for creative productivity. Leading and caring for people may not come naturally to a lone ranger, but it can be learned…especially once you make the connection between leadership and creative productivity.

Tech to Exec: Making a Successful Transition
What happens when a star technical staffer is suddenly promoted to management? Typically, expectations run high. A sense of excitement develops in the department. Senior management eagerly anticipates the results their new star will produce. And then reality hits…Most newly minted managers find the transition from technician to manager to be considerably more difficult than imagined.