CSS Technical Service Process

First you’ll meet with a highly specialized account manager, one who’s dedicated to helping your business grow and succeed. We go beyond the job description to delve deeper into your goals, your challenges and your team culture to form a complete vision of your objectives.

Next we’ll search our extensive database of pre-screened candidates. We also utilize our strong networking and sourcing capabilities to find passive job seekers—those top industry performers who aren’t actively interviewing, but just might be the perfect fit.

Through our 10-Point Touch System, we maintain appropriate communication with our candidates throughout the screening and placement process to ensure that we have found the appropriate fit for your needs.

Every candidate comes to you qualified and ready to start contributing to your team. We know. Our testing assesses more than 100 technical and soft skills. Our background checks confirm job history and references.

We don’t stop once the position is filled. We are consistently looking for ways to improve. To ensure customer satisfaction, we host an Employee and Customer advisory board. Our account managers consistently review projects, upcoming needs and past performance. We outline all efforts to fulfill job requisition in standard and customized reports—and ensure that you maintain, when possible, consultants you’ve already worked with.

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