Not all recruiters are created equal.

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At CSS ProSearch, we know that finding talented, dedicated professionals is critical to your business success. That is why we are focused on one thing: being a highly valued, customer-driven boutique search firm.

We partner with you to understand your objectives, team culture and business challenges so we can find you the right talent for your specific needs. From the early stages of planning and strategizing to the end of the hiring process, your CSS search consultant will work with you through the entire process, dedicated to understanding your objectives, meeting your expectations and delivering solutions that help assure long-term success.

CSS ProSearch can help enhance your professional staff with our ability to:

Often the most qualified candidates aren’t actively looking for jobs. We search for the passive job seekers–qualified, talented professionals at the peak of their careers—to meet the search needs of today’s executives.

Finding a qualified candidate is great, but can they work in your corporate culture? Not all candidates are a great fit. CSS Professional Search will help incorporate a client’s specific corporate culture to find highly competent individuals who will successfully support their business approach and philosophy.

Our search consultants uphold ethical practices that promote competitive fairness and respect for individual corporate philosophies.

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