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Does Your Organization Get It? How to make your company “cool”!
There are still good news stories out there of companies that are expanding, hiring, and growing. And, even better news, some of these growing companies also seem to “get it” that the focus needs to be on both financial growth as well as people growth.

Five Tips for Becoming a Great Mentor
Whether we mentor in acknowledgement of the wonderful men and women who’ve guided us or because we were unable to find mentors and don’t want others to suffer the same fate, mentoring has multiple benefits-for the mentor, the protoge and the companies who gain from their achievements.

Not All Employee Turnover is Bad
It’s hard to find a more misunderstood and mismanaged human resource area than employee turnover. Executives are constantly sounding off about how “bad” employee turnover is, but in some cases, employee turnover is actually a positive thing.

Stop Worrying About the Cost-Per-Hire
I hear HR professionals say they want to be strategic but often their actions indicate otherwise. Take the all too commonly used “cost-per-hire” metric. Sure it’s used by lots of people but so is astrology. Let me explain what’s wrong with it and how it could be improved.

Becoming an Employer of Choice: Hiring Smart
Hiring smart begins with a solid understanding of your recruiting process. An effective, repeatable recruitment process can impact the organization in many ways. Throughout this article we will show you what defines those companies that are truly “Employers of Choice.”

Celebrate to Motivate: 12 Ways to Celebrate Progress
You should consider celebrating progress for two basic reasons– focus and momentum. In the midst of long projects or in the pursuit of big goals, focus can get lost. People can be so busy that they miss the progress.

The Real Cost of Hiring Average Performers
This article reveals just how much you stand to lose when you hie only average performers instead of top performers. You will be blown away when you see this.

How to Become an Employer of Choice
A list of eight principal factors considered by most employees when looking for the right place of work.

Seven Reasons Organizational Culture Matters
Focusing on building and sustaining an organizational culture is one way of showing that people are the organization’s most valuable asset. There are, of course, many other bottom line business reasons to focus on and build organizational culture.

Employee Turnover: Is It Eating Up Your Profits?
Keeping the cost of doing business down, yet providing a quality product or service is one of the most critical components of success for today’s leader. What many fail to realize is that employee turnover can represent a very substantial price tag to a company’s productivity and its bottom line.