Do I need MSP/VMS Solutions?

Take the time to ask your company these questions to see if a managed program through CSSvSource is right for you.

  1. How much do you spend on contract and temporary labor?
  2. How do you measure spend? Diversity spend?
  3. How many contractors do you utilize?
  4. How many temporaries do you utilize?
  5. How many vendors do you have for each category?
  6. How many contracts/staffing agreements do you have to administer?
  7. What is your average bill rate across the enterprise?
  8. Do you have requirements regarding minority spend?
  9. How do you control your on-boarding and off-boarding of contractors?
  10. What tools do you have in place to identify who your top tier vendors are?
  11. Do you have a centralized source for time and expense tracking?
  12. Have you had billing issues with some vendors?
  13. How do you handle approval to hire verifications?
  14. How do you evaluate vendors on rate performance, etc.?
  15. How do you gather the data used in your analytics?
  16. How do you measure the performance of your staffing vendors?
  17. Do you have SLA agreements set up with these staffing vendors that address rates, time and quality?
  18. How do you tier your agencies (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3)? Have you reduced the number of agencies?
  19. Can you break down the headcount by their skills and associated bill rates?
  20. What is the average fill rate time for your contract consultants?
  21. How do you manage contract compliance?
  22. What is the level of contract compliance for the program?
  23. How many 1099 contractors are employed, and have you had concerns about their co-employment or misclassification risk?

For answers, please contact Stacie Bernek, Senior Director, at 856-222-0020.