Case Studies

Case Study #1

Vendor Management System (VMS)
A local Healthcare provider in Philadelphia with over $70 million of contingent labor and SOW spend engaged CSSvSource to implement a Managed Staffing Program. Today, we have centralized the requisition process for more than 400 hiring managers, have successfully partnered with 57 local staffing providers to fulfill their ongoing contingent workforce requirements, integrated a technology tool that has reduced cycle times, streamlined processes and resulted in savings of over $1.3 million! This money is now being spent on their core business, providing healthcare services to their customers.

Case Study #2

During the height of the Mortgage crisis in 2009, we were one of three primary suppliers selected to facilitate the engagement of 100 Mortgage Underwriters on a temporary basis. The client required that all 100 employees needed to be sourced, screened, selected and engaged within a two week timeframe.

Our team was responsible for sourcing candidates, facilitating initial screening, conducting in-person interviews, facilitating the skills and personality assessment, coordinating client interview scheduling, facilitating background checks, professional references, and drug screening, and coordination of the client on-boarding process.

Our team successfully filled 79 of the 100 positions allocated to the 3 preferred suppliers within the 2 week timeframe. Our team was acknowledged for having the highest candidate retention rate. Over 20 individuals were retained by the client to fill full-time direct hire positions beyond the initial assignment and the remaining candidates were eligible for rehire for future contingent assignments.

Case Study #3

A Global technology company engaged our recruitment team to fill 80 Call Center Operator immediate openings. The client required that all 80 positions be filled within a 1 month timeframe. We appointed a team of recruitment professionals who facilitated the full-cycle candidate sourcing, interview, assessment and selection processes. Our team was required to participate in daily Recruitment Calls to report on the Daily Recruitment Metric Tracking activities, including:

  • # of Candidates Received
  • # of Candidates Screened
  • # of Candidates Assessed
  • # of Candidates Submitted for Interview
  • # of Candidates Hired

Once the candidates were hired by our global client, we also tracked the candidate retention rates at each of the following intervals:

  • 90 Days
  • 120 Days
  • 480 Days

The team exceeded our client’s requirements and retention goals and was selected to fill the next recruitment project for 30 hires.