Contemporary Staffing Solutions has experienced great success within our service offerings for contingent/contract, and professional direct hire.  Vetting our Candidates with solid Behavioral Interview Questions and all on/off boarding compliance.

Accounting Finance

  1. Adaptability – -Describe a situation in which you had a challenge adapting to a new duty, responsibility, person, or process.
  2. Analysis – Describe a situation where you had to integrate information from many sources in order to make a decision. How did you approach the situation and what decision did you make?
  3. Other areas that you will need to prepare for include: Commitment, Results, Detail, Oriented, Problem Solving

Human Resources

  1. Supporting Diversity – Describe a time when you needed to deal with someone very different from yourself. What was the difference? What actions did you take? What was the outcome?
  2. Coaching & Developing – Tell me about a time when you had to coach someone around a sensitive topic. How did you address the situation? How did it work out?
  3. Other areas that you will need to prepare for include: Work Standards, Stress Management, Communication, Staffing, Time & Priority Management, Problem Solving, Scheduling, and Negotiating.

Call Center & Office

  1. Communication – Tell me about a time that you misunderstood directions. What action did you take?
  2. Flexibility – How have you adjusted your style when it was not meeting the objectives and/or people were not responding correctly?
  3. Other areas that you will need to prepare for include: Follow Up & Continuity, Interpersonal Skills, Customer Focus, Building Relationships, Motivation, Stress Management, Organizational, Planning & Organizing, Teamwork & Collaboration, Listening, Learning, Caution, Work Standards, Dependability.


  1. Business System Thinking – Describe how your position contributes to your organization’s/unit’s goals. What is the unit’s goals/mission?
  2. Leadership – Tell me about a situation in which you had to coordinate several people to achieve a goal. How did you go about coordinating and leading the group? How did they respond?
  3. Other areas that you will need to prepare for include: Resolving Conflict, Introducing Change, Values Diversity, Selection & Development, Motivating Others, Toughness, Sound Judgement, Strategic Planning, Developing Partnerships, Removing Obstacles, and Setting Priorities

Phone Screens:

  1. Professionalism – Can you describe the type of environment you last worked in? Culture of company
  2. Appearance – Is your social media presentation professional enough so I can encourage my client to view this?

Other areas that you will need to prepare for include: Commutability, Software / Technical Skills, Right to Represent, Ranking my clients opportunity to your current job search, Commitment Tests – regular touches, responsiveness, email me a set of bullets of why you are good for this role; Availability, video interviewing.